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Women don’t apply to job postings.

I recently spoke with an investor of a Series A defense tech firm that wanted to gain gender diversity on his exec team… “Really? I didn’t know that.”

This is something search consultants know.

It was also a topic in Via Satellite Magazine’s Jan 16 podcast with host Rachel Jewett.
Here’s the numbers behind this…

Harvard Business Review did a mega survey in 2014 (yes, this is FOREVER ago). The results?
Women don’t apply for a job unless they are 100% qualified; men apply if they meet 60% of the qualifications.

Then Linkedin did another mammoth-of-a-survey in 2019 and agreed with HBR results—women don’t apply to as many job postings as men (20% less)…

Ever post a job and wonder where all the women were?

Spoiler alert… they’re there.

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