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Aerospace. Satellite. Defense.

Elray Search is A&D recruitment.

Elray Search is a second-generation, women-owned talent acquisition firm, not only focused on the lightspeed world of aerospace but also specialized in securing the highly capable and valuable leaders vital to the advancement and evolution of the industry.

We know this space and the talent who can truly make your organization a visible, productive, and disruptive force. We approach every search and every candidate with a clear path forward, built with extensive preparation and research, and fueled by a non-stop drive to deliver.

At Elray Search, we aren’t interested in reliving the past but in defining the future with our unique brand of progressive, informed, dynamic, and relentless aerospace and defense recruitment.

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Our Leadership

Meet the driving force behind Elray Search

Katherine is a second-generation recruiter. She remembers the first day her father opened a recruiting firm; she got to skip school at the age of 12 to set up the office computers.

She received a bachelor's degree in business from the University of Oregon in 2004 and an MBA in finance from Washington State University in 2015.

She rejoined her father’s search firm, FPC Portland, in 2015 as an executive recruiter and opened an FPC office in Lake Chelan, Washington. She specializes in defense, satellite, and aerospace technologies. During her tenure at FPC, she was the five-time winner of FPC's top recruiting award.

In 2022, Katherine launched Elray Search, LLC, a firm committed to solving the biggest talent needs of middle market clients in the aerospace, satellite, and defense industries.

Katherine is a member of the Pinnacle Society—an active association of the top 80 recruiters in North America. She is also an active member of SSPI (Space & Satellite Professionals International), WISE (women in space engagement), and the Leading Ladies of Aerospace.

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We build teams that explore new frontiers and keep our world safer.

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We believe that everyone should be safe and experience wonderment. We value curiosity, integrity and ambition.

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We are on our way to becoming the best A&D recruiting firm in the North American middle market.

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Reliably locating and engaging the leaders of aerospace and defense