We believe Space, Satellite and Defense is for everyone.

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Aerospace and defense recruiters

Taking a direct and experience-enabled approach to talent equitization

The Challenge: Women don’t apply for jobs unless they're 100% qualified; men apply if they meet 60% of the qualifications. Further compounding the issue, is that women apply to 20% less overall job postings than men.

The Solution: It takes a different approach. At Elray Search, we engage and secure the talented women who define leadership in the A&D industry and all its specialized verticals.

We work collaboratively with our partners to build teams that manifest their missions.

Aerospace, Satellite & Defense

This industry touches an astounding number of verticals. Our understanding of the space and science industries allows us to successfully leverage candidates in component and airframe manufacturing, defense electronics, electronics, system integrators, geospatial intelligence, satellite communications, UAV development, signal processing, radar systems, OEMs, MRO, and other highly specialized arenas of space.

Positions Placed

  • General Manager, Defense Components 
  • Sr Director Programs, Satellites 
  • VP Finance, RF Business 
  • Corporate Controller, Space 
  • Sr Proposal Manager, Tac Comms 
  • Supply Chain Manager, Aerospace

Getting you to "Mission Accomplished"

  • Elray Search ensured a geospatial firm achieved government compliance within 120 day. Our services facilitated successful strategy execution to secure a $140 million NASA win. 

  • We assisted a recent spin-out minimizing employee turnover by 22%, allowing our client to successfully implement an exit plan resulting in a $30 million ROI.

  • We helped a $300 million firm automate their accounts payable system, reducing headcount by $100K annually and allowing investors and managers to gain the real-time visibility necessary to make more effective, data-driven decisions.

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