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The Inspirational: Shelli Brunswick, CEO of SB Global LLC

Have you ever considered how space innovations elevate our daily existence? This week, we hear from the inspirational Shelli Brunswick. From the day she swapped her high school cap and gown for Air Force blues, Shelli charted a course that would break boundaries and redefine the possibilities within the space industry.

Shelli’s journey from an enlisted airman to a trailblazing leader in space technology is nothing short of extraordinary. Through her story, we witness the remarkable impact of space advancements on our daily lives, influencing everything from healthcare to our efforts in combating climate change. Shelli also reveals invaluable insights into mastering public speaking and emphasizes the importance of seizing opportunities, regardless of whether you feel fully qualified. Shelli’s commitment to the space economy is evident. She is a champion for raising awareness and involvement in emerging regions, taking on the pivotal task of bridging the gap between high-tech space endeavors and the everyday experiences of individuals worldwide. Get ready to be inspired by space tech’s boundless potential. Key points throughout include: 

  • The four chapters of Shelli’s professional trajectory  
  • Breaking barriers and charting unconventional paths into the space industry
  • Evolution of Work: The power of adaptability in this new working era
  • Tech Transfer: How space technology enriches our daily lives
  • Unlocking potential: Why you should never disqualify yourself
  • Balancing preparation and personalization in public speaking
  • Global transformational leadership and empowering the next generation
  • The importance of trusting the process and being open to new opportunities
  • Inclusive Access for all: Helping global citizens enter into the space industry
  • The biggest threats and challenges to the space industry
  • Tackling gender diversity and championing women in the space industry

For every dollar you’re investing in NASA or other space programs, that is creating tech transfer. Space is part of healthcare, it’s part of agriculture, it’s part of climate change, and it is helping us solve our greatest challenges on Earth.” –  Shelli Brunswick.

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