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The Finance Titan: Vince Monteparte

Putting yourself out there and embracing discomfort can be tricky to navigate. However, the reward is undeniably worthwhile. Industry veteran, entrepreneur and titan of finance Vince Monteparte serves as a shining testament to this. This week, Vince joins Katherine to discuss his transformative professional journey, starting with his early fascination with aerospace and progressing through each step and pivot, shaping his remarkable path to where he stands today.

From the adrenaline rush of his first flight aboard his father’s business plane to steering the helm of industry innovation, Vince’s tale is one of self-investment and determination. This episode unveils the challenges and victories of Vince’s career, including the gripping story of turning around a faltering software firm. Vince also shares the emotional trenches of investment banking, the complexities of transitioning to CEO, and the thrill of pushing the envelope in climate tech and space management. Through Vince’s journey, we’re also reminded of the profound impact of acknowledging and celebrating the accomplishments of those around us and leading by example. Further Key points throughout include: 

  • An inspirational flight that awakened a passion for aerodynamics
  • The importance of investing in yourself and being open to criticism
  • Getting comfortable with being uncomfortable
  • M&A Deals: Selling a business and coming to terms with letting go
  • Business growth: Transitioning from founder to CEO
  • Raising capital through personal connections and networking
  • Innovating the future in climate tech and space management
  • Leading by example and championing the success of others

“Getting comfortable being uncomfortable, you have to put yourself in that position. When I exited Miro, I thought, now what? I had to rethink, where do you want your place to be?” –  Vince Monteparte.

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