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Ryan Murphy, Partner at Kal Capital

Get ready to unlock the secrets to successful mergers and acquisitions with this week’s expert guest, Ryan Murphy, partner at Kal Capital. Kal Capital is a leading investment banking firm known for advising on major transactions. Ryan, who has been pivotal to Kal’s growth, share his insights on what sets a lower middle market supplier apart in the aerospace and defense sector, the critical role EBITDA plays in business evaluation and why Ryan finds working with family-owned companies through their first major liquidity event so rewarding.

Ryan also unpacks crucial lessons learned from leadership crashes, the importance of pre-market investment for owner entrepreneurs, and why founders should not be dismissive of private equity groups. Tune in now and hear about Kal Capital’s exciting latest launch, their commitment to drving continuous innovation in the space and defense industries, plus so much more. Key points throughout include: 

  • Making the shift from corporate giants to lower middle market
  • Advising small businesses on M&A processes and valuations
  • The crucial role of leadership when going to market
  • What makes leadership teams exceptional
  • Why entrepreneurs must let go: The key to successful sales transactions
  • The critical role of finance experts
  • How smart companies are driving Success by offering equity ownership
  • How private equity is more diverse and growth-focused than you think
  • The motivation behind Kal Capital’s Critical Technologies Venture and Growth Advisory Practice

“Letting go of the reins is hard. You must let the business go and let others run it for you. And ultimately, it’s the right decision. However, it does not come easily or naturally to many entrepreneurs. What’s made them entrepreneurs is they want to handle everything. They’ve built this incredibly valuable business and accomplished a lot of their goals. So to let somebody else take the business into the next chapter during their ownership is really difficult.” –  Ryan Murphy.

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