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Robert Feierbach, President of Maritime Launch Services

Get ready to embark on an interstellar journey with serial entrepreneur and aerospace titan Robert Feierbach as we hear how he is reshaping aerospace through microgravity flights and cutting-edge air launch services. Robert is the president of Maritime Launch USA and CEO of Zero G Launch. With three decades of experience, this episode is a cosmic voyage diving deep into an astonishing career that seamlessly blends technological innovation with cultural awareness. Discover the key to building high-performing teams, the power of reaching for the stars, and Robert’s surprising road to Hollywood stardom. Hit play now to discover the limitless potential of space and technology through the experiences of one of the industry’s luminaries. Further Key points throughout include: 

  • The mainstreaming of space technology
  • Harnessing cultural fluency and feeling at home on different continents
  • Building High-Performance Teams from Scratch
  • Character shaping: The early lessons with lifelong impact
  • The Zero G Experience: A flight for everybody
  • The road to a partnership with Las Vegas Spaceport
  • The power of LinkedIn: Building connections within the movie industry
  • Envisioning Success One Year From Now

“I’ve seen everything from analog TV to digital TV, to two-way transmission via satellite and then, of course, the launch industry, robotics in space and a whole bunch of other things. But really what I’ve never seen until what I’m seeing right now is the space industry becoming really mainstream in everyone’s awareness” –  Robert Feierbach.

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