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Nicole Robinson, Chief Growth Officer Comtech

Join Nicole Robinson, the trailblazing Chief Growth Officer at Comtech, on an inspirational journey through the dynamic realms of space and defense. Nicole’s remarkable career includes orchestrating historical milestones like the 60th D-Day anniversary and championing the Women in Space Engagement (WISE) initiative.

In this episode, Nicole delves into the critical topic of breaking gender bias and offers actionable advice for women striving to leave an indelible mark in these industries. Explore how the WISE initiative empowers female leaders within aerospace with the support of male allies. Are you looking to onboard new talent? Gain fresh insights into hiring practices as Nicole shares her go-to interview question that reveals a candidate’s deepest motivations. If you’re eager to discover how seizing the right opportunities can propel your career to new heights in defense and space, this episode is a must-listen. Get ready to be inspired—hit play now!

Further Key points throughout include: 

  • The accidental journey of becoming a driving force in the space sector
  • Reflections from the 60th Anniversary of D-Day in Normandy
  • Getting tough: Lessons learned from an old school boss in the military
  • Elevating Voices: Empowering Women in Space and Satellite Industries
  • Discussing diversity and why it should never be uncomfortable
  • Owning mistakes: Lessons learned from hiring processes     
  • The importance of understanding one’s “why”
  • Why women need to stop waiting to be discovered

“As women, we are often waiting to be discovered. Instead of putting our hand up and leaning forward and saying, I’d like to take on that new account. I’d like to be responsible for this new project. I’d like to prove myself.”– Nicole Robinson.

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