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Michael Murray, CEO of Kopin Corporation 

Prepare to embark on a captivating journey into the heart of a cultural revolution under new leadership with Michael Murray, the visionary CEO propelling Kopin into an era of innovation. From his childhood experiments building his own radio to his pivotal role in leading teams towards cutting-edge solutions, Michael shares his remarkable journey with Katherine, unveiling the secrets of successful leadership transitions and reminding us that no one is born a CEO.

Delve into Kopin’s groundbreaking leap into digital night vision technology and uncover Michael’s unique approach to navigating complex challenges. Join us as we explore how a monumental leadership transition can redefine a company’s trajectory, unraveling the intricacies of Kopin’s shift from a founder-led entity to one guided by fresh perspectives. Witness firsthand the cultural ripples triggered by a founder’s departure after 35 years, and the delicate balance of preserving core values while steering a bold strategic course. Michael’s experience ringing the NASDAQ bell not only symbolizes corporate transformation but also underscores the allure of smaller, agile companies for talent seeking impactful opportunities. Tune in now for insights that promise to reshape your perspective on leadership and organizational evolution!

 Key points throughout include: 

  • Michael’s journey from tinkering with tech to leading defense innovation
  • Mastering the skill of articulating complex tech for practical solutions
  • The importance of building relationships and navigating the social side of business
  • Balancing Transparency: Nurturing employee trust and caution with investors
  • Cultural transformation: Becoming a company’s first non-founder CEO in 35 Years
  • The mission to transform Kopin with a people-centric approach
  • Ringing the closing bell at the NASDAQ MarketSite in January 2024
  • Leveraging size for success and Capitalizing on competitive edges
  • Key factors for assembling your dream leadership team
  • Strategic Placement: Making the decision of team fit from interview to integration

“I learned very quickly that if I wanted to do or learn more, I was going to have to push myself. Part of pushing yourself is, unfortunately, making mistakes and, in some cases, failing. I failed a lot.” –  Michael Murray.

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