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Latecoere VP of Sales and Programs for the Americas and Japan: Daniel Warren

Dive into the cosmic connection of preparation, grit and passion with Daniel Warren, Vice President of Sales and Programs for the Americas and Japan at Latecoere. Daniel’s journey is nothing short of extraordinary. Daniel has propelled the aerospace sector to new heights with his strategic prowess, securing multimillion-dollar deals with industry giants like Boeing and fostering dynamic growth and collaboration across the global aerospace landscape. Join us as we uncover Daniel’s visionary outlook on the future, where Aerospace, innovation, and perseverance come together.

Daniel shares his transformative journey, revealing the profound impact of his adoption and the pivotal moments that led to his trailblazing success. Discover how his background shaped his approach to global negotiations and team-building strategies that have closed monumental deals with industry innovators like Boom Supersonic. Daniel shares valuable tips on the art of negotiation and cross-cultural communication, highlighting the need for patience and clarity. Plus, uncover Daniel’s recipe for building killer sales teams that resonate with the ambitions of aerospace giants. Key points throughout include:

  • Culture shock: Transitioning from Korea to Massachusetts at 11 years of age
  • Navigating the interplay of luck and preparation in achieving success
  • Compass check system: A strategic approach to building high-performance teams
  • The key to mastering the art of negotiation and finding resolutions to challenges
  • Career highlights: Celebrating pinnacle milestones, deal achievements and making history
  • Cross-cultural communication: The power of patience and precision
  • The importance of grit in cultivating resilient sales teams

“The number one thing I’m looking for when building a sales team is less practical knowledge but more genuine interest in helping people. I’m genuinely passionate about making other people’s passions come true. And I operate at best when I meet a customer on the other end who is equally passionate about their job.” – Daniel Warren.

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