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Kelly Hennig, COO of Stoke Space

Imagine stepping off the beaten path to forge a new one — that’s exactly what female powerhouse Kelly Hennig of Stoke Space did. This week, Kelly unravels the story behind her audacious leap from the security of aerospace giants like Raytheon and Northrop to the exhilarating frontier of a startup. Tackling the contrasting corporate cultures and the quest for impactful, hands-on work, Kelly unpacks what it means to lead and innovate in the high-stakes world of rocket technology.

So much ground gets covered in this episode as Kelly breaks down the art of hiring for not just skill but cultural synergy too and shares a personal tale of integrating diverse communication styles within a team, underscoring the transformative power of authentic dialogue and self-awareness. But the journey doesn’t end there — Kelly also looks ahead to the future, spotlighting the essential blend of STEM education, mentorship, and emerging skills that will shape the next generation of aerospace leaders. Key points throughout include: 

  • Navigating Career Transitions: The leap from corporate to startup
  • The secrets to successful cultural fit in aerospace hiring
  • Early career aspirations and the pathway to electrical engineering
  • Empowering our daughters: Key advice for pursuing careers in STEM
  • The role of mentors in shaping the future
  • Blending technical mastery with leadership: The future of engineering management

“Risk management in engineering is huge. And as a program manager, you will be responsible and completely own how you mitigate and manage risk. And if you don’t have a good enough understanding about the technical aspects of what you’re working on, it is impossible to manage that risk effectively, and make the correct trade offs you need to. –  Kelly Hennig.

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