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Eric Wightman, VP at Karman Space & Defense

Buckle up as this week we are taking you on an exhilarating journey from the adrenaline-fueled tracks of NASCAR to the stratospheric heights of the aerospace industry with Eric Wightman, VP of Advanced Materials and Processes at Karman Space and Defense. In this episode, Eric recounts his unconventional career trajectory, fueled by determination and a passion for pushing boundaries. Eric shares insights into how his early experiences in the high-octane world of racing shaped his work ethic. From pounding the pavement at racetracks to navigating the complexities of space exploration, Eric’s story is one of relentless pursuit and unwavering commitment to excellence.

Want to know the secret to attracting and retaining specialized talent? Eric has the strategies you need from leveraging internal networks, collaborating with universities, and more! Plus gain valuable insights into leadership’s role in navigating company acquisitions and cultural transformations, and learn how transparency and shared values can foster unity and drive success post-merger.

Key points throughout include: 

  • From racecars to rockets: Eric Wightman’s unconventional career shift
  • Second chances: Partnering with Union Gospel Mission to serve the homeless in Seattle
  • Unlocking drive for perfection: How NASCAR experiences fueled aerospace success
  • The importance of hard work and problem-solving in overcoming challenges
  • Key strategies for talent acquisition and the value of internal references
  • Lessons learned from leading through transformation
  • Parental Wisdom: Nurturing Passion, Work Ethic, and Integrity

“I tell my kids all the to do your best. Work hard, find your passions and hopefully find them early on in life. And if not, that’s okay. Good grades, absolutely matter. But you don’t have to go to college. There are other opportunities out there. Whatever you do in life, push the envelope as hard while having a great moral compass. If you put all those tools together, you will be successful. –  Eric Wightman.

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