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David Yu, Chairman of AAVA Group

Prepare to dive deep into the realms of aviation finance and cross-border investments as David Yu joins Katherine this week. With his extensive expertise and global influence at the helm of Asia Aviation Valuation Advisors and China Aviation Valuation Advisors, David is set to enlighten us on the dynamic evolution of space financing, offering insider secrets to scalability and indispensable pre-valuation guidance every CEO should heed. With a wealth of experience, from building a $4 billion aircraft leasing portfolio to advising top-tier clients, David is here to share insights that could revolutionize your business approach.

CEOs take note as David discusses the pivotal role of diversity in fostering high-performance teams, unravels the misconceptions about assets, revenue, and profits, and emphasizes the vital role of purpose in valuation. Plus, get ready to unpack the intricacies of space financing, including innovative non-dilutive funding methods and strategies for sustainable growth without equity dilution. Hit play now and get ready to fuel your knowledge and propel your endeavors to new heights! Key points throughout include:

  • Catching the bug for mastering business growth and understanding finance and strategy
  • The emerging landscape of space financing
  • Fulfilling childhood dreams and navigating startup success in Shanghai
  • Navigating uncertainty: The importance of professional guidance during times of crisis
  • The top pre-valuation advice every CEO needs to hear
  • The value of transparency, data and understanding your purpose
  • From zero to 4 billion: Key principles for aircraft leasing portfolio success
  • The power of diversity in building strong teams
  • Cultivating trust in global business: The vital role of communication and personal connections
  • Sustainable growth: Building sustainable businesses with recurring revenue streams
  • Revitalize, Rejuvenate, Reinvent: The importance of refreshment across career, personal life, and investments

“If you can get a team you worked with in the past, that’s always the best. It’s all about trust, right? It’s a working relationship and a trust because you will have to build this thing together.” – David Yu.

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