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Collinear Group President: Alex Ramirez

The time for disruption in Aerospace is now, and joining Katherine this week is the visionary Alex Ramirez of Collinear Group, to share the trials and victories that come with injecting innovation into a sector ripe for change and the excitement of bridging the gap and driving innovation in the aerospace industry.

In this episode, Alex opens up about his bakery roots, his recipe for innovation, the critical role of mentorship and education in shaping future engineers, the ebbs and flows of a business startup cycle and the challenges of growing a business amidst a global pandemic. Alex also reveals the red flags to watch out for when onboarding talent and shares the secret to assembling high-impact teams and staying competitive in the evolving world of recruiting.

So, if you’re aiming to revolutionize your approach to talent acquisition or just passionate about the future of engineering excellence, this is one mission briefing you won’t want to bypass. Further Key points throughout include: 

  • Education’s Role in driving the future generation of leaders
  • Aerospace Evolution: Bridging the Gap Between Tradition and Innovation in a Disruptive Era
  • The launch of the Collinear Group: Scaling a business in the aerospace industry
  • Major industry concerns: Navigating labor shortages 
  • Right people, right seats: Hiring strategies for high-impact teams
  • The importance of promoting diversity and inclusion

“What really is your purpose? Building relationships, making connections, elevating others is a key to making that successful.” – Alex Ramirez.

Are you ready to unleash the beast in defense recruiting? Join us next time on Mission Critical Defense Recruiting, the ultimate podcast unveiling strategies to build powerhouse teams in the defense industry. Don’t miss out on the inside scoop for crafting your unbeatable squad!

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Book recommendation: How To Win Friends & Influence People by Dale Carnegie 

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