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Ashley Anthony, Human Resources Director of Times Microwave Systems

People make a business, and for the first time on the podcast, we are shattering the ceiling on all things HR with Times Microwave Systems HR Director Ashley Anthony. When Ashley swapped her athletic training gear for the corporate battleground of HR in defense manufacturing, she didn’t just change jobs – she transformed the recruitment game. Through Ashley’s remarkable story, we uncover the strategies and dedication that propelled her through the ranks and learn how a company’s ethos can become the lifeblood of its hiring process, bringing on board more than just skilled professionals but dedicated carriers of the company torch.

Ashley’s journey is a testament to her unwavering dedication to cultivating an environment where values are more than just words, their way of life. Ashley highlights the changing dynamics in the workforce, especially post-COVID-19 pandemic, striking a work-life balance and the essential role of soft skills and adaptability in a landscape where the only constant is change. Key points throughout include: 

  • The evolution of recruitment:  Trusting in the process of talent acquisition
  • Core values: Guiding the company’s moral compass in recruitment and decision-making
  • Addressing cultural conversations and preserving company values amidst change
  • Attracting diverse talent and cultivating an inclusive workplace culture in Aerospace and Defense Recruitment
  • Navigating work-life balance and professional growth for working parents
  • Future-proofing graduates: The vital soft skills shaping tomorrow’s workforce
  • Be openminded: Encouraging exploration beyond the traditional career path
  • How game-changing strategies are revolutionizing recruitment
  • The power of in-person connections

“People are one of the most important things in our organization. It’s so imperative that we get the right people in the right jobs. And aside from our technology, people make the business, and we need the right people for the right jobs. We are an organization that looks at a person over a job.”
–  Ashley Anthony.

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